Guangzhou Panyu Waters Spa

Where is the sauna in Nancun, Panyu, Guangzhou? Where are the irregular saunas? Let me introduce you to a field, in the Xingnan Avenue in Panyu District, the water spa. Is there a full-service one-stop service for Panyu Waters Spa? In fact, the waters are not qt! The consumption price of the Nancun Waters Water Club is as follows. The price of 399/439/489 is half a set of kb, the difference between them is the difference of service: 399 items only take off the shirt, not off the following 439 items than the 399 more than a 69-type 489 project technicians to remove underwear, can kb Two different explanations, now the waters of the dl are corn sugar, mind ly can let the technicians do not do this service. According to the regular customers in the waters, the technicians in the waters are now worse than before, and the service is not as good as before! You can experience it at ly near Nancun.

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