Guangzhou Yuexiu District Sauna Bath Spa Information Center

Where can I go to the sauna in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou? Where do you have a one-stop service? Where are the irregular sauna baths? Here is a summary of the Yuexiu District Sauna Bath Spa, for reference only. Jiaochang West Road—-Yuquan Leisure Center, the aircraft Red Square, is currently closed. Donghua South Road—-Shuishan Square, relatively high-end spa, 400+ fj Dongshankou—-Shui Linglong, the regular Huanshi East Road—-Sanmao Hotel, Yulongchi, referred to as Ylc,airfield,348fj —-Ocean Hotel, Red Ocean Palace, formerly known as Ocean Palace, renamed after being swept, with fj and half—-Asia International Hotel 9th ​​Floor, Home Health Living Hall, Airport Wuyang New Town—-Great Wall Hotel, Gallery Spa, Airport—-Golden Sauna Center, with fj and bt Dongfeng East Road—-Oriental Silk Hotel, Jinsi Sauna, cooked customers have a full set of Longdongfeng West Road—-Hutian Hotel 3rd Floor Hutian Health and Leisure Center 368fj Liuhua Road—-Oriental Hotel, Brown South Seawater Treatment, more than 300 fj Lujing Road—-Dongri Sauna, Airport, more than 300 fj Hengfu Road—-Yunju Sauna, formerly known as Dongyue Sauna, was renamed after being swept, with fj and bt —- Wuhu International Hotel Spa, the environment is more luxurious, there are fj and bt long dike road — — East Asia Hotel, East Asia Society, cheap fj field, 228fj. Guangzhou Avenue, Mingyue Road, the third floor of the Leisure Center of Ramada Plaza Hotel, Water Valley Spa, expensive fj. For more information on the sauna in Guangzhou, please stay tuned to Guangzhou Sunflower Market!

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