Guangzhou Liquan Leisure Club bt experience report

What is the service of Guangzhou Liquan Leisure Club located in Songbei, Luochong, Baiyun District? Here is the experience report of Guangzhou Liquan Leisure Club on the third day of the year. Time: 2018-02-18 Price: 360kb once, 380kb twice On the clock process and comments: In the forum, I found a manager call to a ly, and I am not here. Later, I went straight to the front desk and asked the front desk to find a minister to take me to where I went to 5:30. I took a shower and sat for a while, saying that at 6:30 in the evening, I finished eating and then went to the clock. Here it is stated that this is a half set. The technicians arranged by the minister are No. 9, or the small black house as always. It’s a good-looking face. Because the lights don’t see the service, it’s really good. It’s the best I have ever experienced. The wave should be long and touch. Come out, wave push is also cool, 380 twice, the first simple service burst out, the rest of the time to give you enough service to start the second time, 69 no smell, there are fingertips can be inserted more water, very warm, will chat. The traffic here is not very convenient, and the subway is not directly connected to the bus. It’s not bad to eat, the environment is normal. By:潮人系

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