Guangzhou Hailian Road Lezhu Tao Yuanzhu Yitang

Haizhu Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, there is a sauna leisure club called Lezhutao, referred to as lzt, originally called Zhuyitang (zyt), was once one of the four major network red squares in Haizhu District, because the boss is not hard enough in the background, has been swept away once. After the renovation at the end of 2016, it was renamed Lezhutao, and then it was the price increase. The current price is 388kb once and 438kb twice. The half-set service of this field has always been good. As for the technicians, the aunt is still the majority. The red card is still the previous numbers, such as 18/83, etc., and the 82nd is younger, the 32nd is more than 170. I don’t know if I have been recruited by a young technician.

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